Thursday, December 17, 2009

So ...

One year has gone by (well almost) and I have one lonely picture on a very sad blog. I had good intentions, that is all I can say. It isn't like I didn't take the pictures, I took two photography classes this year, trust me I took pictures, I just didn't post. So this is my sad ramblings on a lonely blog, a new commitment to post a picture a day, hopefully.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The reason for doing this blog....

I read a post on someone's blog (I can't remember who's blog so I apologize for not referencing) about a man who took a Polaroid a day for 18 years. I thought....what a great way to document a life. So here I am, making a commitment to take a picture a day. I can't say that I will carry it on for 18 years, I hope to be able to do it for one year, and carrying it one step further, I will do my very very best to post a picture a day here as well.

So here is today's photo, it isn't a photo that I took today, but this is what today looks like out my window. Tomorrow, a picture from 1/8/2009.